I don’t really know how these thing start. You wake up at the crack of 11:00AM hungover to the point you’re convinced that you slept with Youk’s dirty jock in your mouth, and the first thing you hear is that the Sox might get Roy Halladay. Really?

In order to pry him away from JP Ricciardi, the Sox would have to say goodbye to Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden and Daniel Bard. At least. I don’t see this making a lot of sense from either side.

Ricciardi would be insane to trade Doc to any AL East team, other than the O’s because they would still suck. He would be guaranteeing the Jays a 4th place finish for the next three years. Then if, IF, all three pitchers were huge successes, he might have a shot at the Wild Card.

As far as the Red Sox are concerned, I think it would be a mistake to trade away the prospects. They have the best record in the AL, and that’s with Dice-K on the DL. They have Buchholz ready to step in at any time. And Halladay would be a free agent at the end of next season.

Yes, Halladay is a great pitcher, one of the best in the game. And he has proven he can dominate in the AL East. But I like the team Theo has constructed and I like the way the prospects are lined up to keep the Sox competitive for the foreseeable future. I say dance with who brung ya.

And you?