Not a big fan of the All-Star Game here. I used to dig it as a kid. But now the sight of our guys playing grab-ass with the likes of A-Rod and Jeets just disgusts me. It’s like Batman and the Joker, Michael Anthony and Eddie Van Halen, or the Von Erichs and Freebirds calling a one-night truce. It just don’t add up.

But I do count one particular All-Star Game among my most treasured baseball memories. I’m sure you can figure which one it was; it featured a slender Dominican striking out the first four batters he faced–the first time that had ever happened in an All-Star Game–and transforming McGwire and Sosa from creatine shake-quaffing super heroes into 10-sided dice-rolling dinks. In this classic clip, Big Red goes down:

And the starting pitcher for the NL that year? Curt Schilling!

Enjoy the game. I’ll be watching The Wrestler. Until, of course, Wakefield takes the hill.