For a long time, perhaps too long as our man Chad Finn suggests, WEEI has been the bastion of sports radio in this fine city. Ninety-eight pound competitors spring up from time to time, but they are quickly steamrolled by the 800-pound gorilla–much the same way Yaz Bread overwhelmingly outsold Jimmy Piersall Breakfast Danish back in the ’60s (sales that were spurred, no doubt, by Carl and his thugs showing up at local shops that weren’t carrying his bread and offering the owners a complimentary “Louisville Makeover”). But I digress; bottom line is, if you want sports radio in this town, you hit up 850. End of story.

But in August, what could be the first honest threat to EEIndependence will go live: “98.5 The Sports Hub” which will have the popular-’round-these-parts call letters WBZ. Sounds promising, sure, but the owners have already cast an “EEI Light” pall on their efforts by locking down Michael Felger and Gary Tanguay.

I was more intrigued by the idea of Dorchester homie, Hot Stove/Cool Music vet and rocker chick par excellence Kay Hanley pulling a gig at the station, something Hanley herself suggested in a recent Herald article. Why the f@#k not, I say? Forget the fact that she’s ridiculously hot (back in the day, in fact, I dedicated several issues of the immortal Sky Ape comic book to Ms. Hanley’s ass; the first time, I believe, a derriere has inspired an entire literary oeuvre) and a talented musician. She’s lived and died with the Sox a bazillion times just like the rest of us, and I think the voice of the rabid fan is sorely lacking on the airwaves. Surely Big Media can give just a few measly hours a week back to the little people? Hell, I’ll lead the motherf@#king charge myself, in fact. No Hanley, No Peace.

Honestly, though, I don’t listen to a lot of EEI. I hit up Dennis & Callahan in the morning, and if they’re talking Sox or with Remy, I’ll stick around. If not, I’ve got an iPod full of the Kinks, Cheap Trick and U2 which is far more worthy of my attention. But if you’re an unsatisfied EEI listener and were helping to shape the competition, what would you want to hear? What would represent the ultimate sports talk radio experience to you, gentle reader?

Also, I give WBZ six months.