Okay, that’s a little harsh. Because The Bot has only blown three saves this season. And Candlebox really, really sucks.

But, if nothing else, last night’s ass fest at Fenway accomplished two things: First, it triggered the Daniel Bard no-trade clause, because if Papelbon’s ninth-inning impersonations of Heathcliff Slocumb are going to start occurring with greater regularity, we’re gonna need to start grooming another young fireballer to slip into the closer’s role at some point.

Second, it probably got more people that are willing to admit it to start thinking wistfully about Julio Lugo, as Nick Green helped the A’s even things up in the ninth by launching a couple of unsnaggable zeppelins toward first base.

As I’ve said before, it’s one game. These things are going to happen. Our pen hadn’t allowed a run since the All Star Break, and it’s tough if not impossible to be perfect all the time.

But this loss, when we were three runs up in the ninth against the lowly A’s, especially on a night we could have gained precious ground against the Yankees, is really gnawing at me. And it’s got me hoping Theo’s gonna pull the trigger on something very soon. Because this team needs a shake-up to get out of its current funk.