Tim Wakefield finally makes it to the All-Star Game and you keep his ass on the bench all night as an extra innings reserve? Feck, I know Maddon was the guy who made Wake an All-Star in the first place–a selection that at least a few factions found dubious. And, on top of that, it was a tight game and you never know quite what that flutterball’s gonna do. But, man, couldn’t Joey Glasses have found just one batter to let Wake have at, just so he could walk to the mound, soak it all in, then sit his ass back down? I mean, we all knew the American League was gonna win no matter what happened… that’s just the way God wants it.

It was highway robbery and a disturbing kick to the pills. But I’ll take solace in the fact that Wake will be pitching playoff baseball in October while Carl Crawford’s shopping for snow tires at Pep Boys.