I did it again, folks. I gave up on the Sox. Wrote them off when all looked grim, convinced we were on the cusp of getting taken to the woodshed for the second day in a row by a team with guys named Aubrey, Ty, Felix and Gregg with two Gs.

But the Sox battled back, perhaps every bit as sick with their performance the night before as I was. And they turned what looked like a lost cause into one of those life-affirming wins that gets me thinking about how good we have it over those suckers living in Russia. And suddenly, I felt bad for ever doubting them. For even allowing myself to doubt them after the majesty of 2004. And a small part of me wanted to drive to Baltimore and go all Lloyd Dobler on the Orioles’ asses, cranking New Order’s “Blue Monday” and looping the line that asks, “How does it feel?”

I must say it was cool to see Rhody’s own Rocco Baldelli deliver the big hit in the ninth to tie things up. Later on, I promised the Gods of Baseball that if they’d allow Julio Lugo to knock in the go-ahead run in the top of the eleventh, I would never take the guy’s name in vain again. And it happened, and the Sox were able to bounce back from an excruciating loss with a come-from-behind victory of their own. So Lugo gets the pass for the rest of the season in my book. The Gods of Baseball have spoken!