Watching the post-game wrap-up on NESN after last night’s epic performance by Commander Kick Ass, I was amused by Heidi Watney’s question to Aaron Bates: “I saw you go over and shake Josh Beckett’s hand when he came out. He can sometimes not be the friendliest guy in the bunch. What was that like?”

Like Cyn, who pointed this out in last night’s game thread, my first thought was that you don’t go tossing such labels at the people yer gonna be chasing for sound bytes as the season rolls on–especially not to another player. And I can almost visualize the Commander noting, the next time Heidi chats him up after a win, “Well, as you know, I’m not the friendliest guy in the bunch, but…” (That, of course, is assuming there is a next time. Can anyone account for Heidi’s whereabouts this morning?)

Even better was the look on Bates’ face after the question was posed. Like a witness on the stand asked to identify a Mafia boss, Bates kinda goes wide-eyed and starts mentally screening his comments before letting them out of his mouth. And he carries it off like a pro, clearly having no desire to discover one night, as he’s peeling down Storrow at 95 MPH after a game, that Uncle Josh did a little freelance brakework on his ride.

I read a little too much between the lines at times, but it’s apparent that The Commander and Heidi have something of a tempestuous relationship (for some history, you can check Cyn’s post for the infamous clip of Josh getting his digs in at El Blondie). It’s likely something as simple as the intra-departmental disdain you find within any conglomerate (kinda like how me and my comrades in marketing have long been plotting our ultimate revenge on those f@#kers in accounting). But, in my own fevered mind, I like to think it takes root in some drunken, after hours snogging between the two in a private booth at the Roxy or Rumor, far beyond the gaze of TC, Wally or the NESN cameras. And, hey, if Amalie was involved as well… even better.

Personally, I like an unfriendly Beckett. That’s his edge. The engine that drives his mojo. If the guy shows up all smiles and hugs and flowers for your grandmother, that’s a bad sign. The harbinger of a long, turgid losing streak. We need him angry, slightly unhinged, and keeping opposing batters wondering if that’s a rosin bag in his back pocket or a miniature tactical nuclear device.

Either way, you can check the interview at NESN’s video page or dig on it right here: