The trade deadline is typically more pomp than circumstance. But this year, with the Sox locked in some sort of offense-draining quagmire and Ortizgate filling up talk radio, there seems to be a sense that the Sox are going to do… something.

As the most obvious need is for a bat, SD’s Adrian Gonzalez seems the best fit, although the prospects of endless “Yo, Adrian” jokes is concerning. And while I personally believe that the Sox will sign Peter Dinklage before they land Roy Halladay, a Commander Kick Ass-Doc-Lester triumvirate is the stuff that dreams are made of. If they can land Leighton Meester too, even better.

It can be a day of revelations or anti-climax (something women who have dated me know all too well). Everything could change, or it could all stay the same. Either way, we’ll all be dutifully glued to the radio, checking the tweets and blogs, and watching The Peter Gammons All Day Training Deadline and Barbecue Extravaganza With Music by Blues Traveler.

And we’ll be waiting. Waiting.