The return of Nomar certainly overshadowed the fact that the shortstop that actually helped the Sox win their 2004 World Series was also present at Fenway. Both former shortstops had an impact on the game’s outcome: Nomar was 2-4 with and RBI and O-Cab had a homer.

But the real story was 21-year-old Brett Anderson. The A’s rookie pitcher held the Sox down like Hannibal Lecter strapped to a gurney. Two hits…two freakin’ hits. And how do you explain Oakland’s ability to pump out great young starters? Do they have one of those android-creating devices Dr. Smith found on Lost in Space? Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this.

Finally, the Smoltz experiment continues to be a failure. I understand everybody wants it to work, it’s a great feel-good story, but he is just not getting it done. Oakland does not exactly bring Murderer’s Row to the plate. I want to see Buchholz. Soon. Once again we look to the Commander to set things right. Tonight, under a full moon at Fenway.