This is all you need to know about today’s game:

The Mariners have never swept a three-game series at Fenway Park in their 32-year history, a feat they’ll achieve if they can get past Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox in the finale.

I don’t think Jon Lester is going to let that happen. Lester has been a strikeout machine lately with 52 K’s in his last 40 innings pitched. The bats should be able to get something going against former closer Brandon Morrow. Morrow lost the role after blowing consecutive saves back in May. This will be his fourth start. To Red Sox hitters it should be like in those cartoons where one guy is really hungry and his friend starts to look like a baked ham. Morrow’s the ham, and the Sox should be hungry.

That made a lot more sense after my 37th ‘Gansett last night…