The Sox return to Fenway was certainly not the offensive explosion we were hoping for, but we’ll take a win any way we can get one. And last night’s win belongs as much to the gloves as it does anyone. The boys were flashing more leather than you’ll see anywhere other than a candy shop in P-Town.

Jacoby Ellsbury made a diving catch on an Adam Jones’ shallow liner in the third and Pedroia made a great play to his right to rob Aubrey (still the gayest name in baseball) Huff in the fourth. And let’s not forget Mikey Lowell’s basket catch of a foul ball near the dugout…nice hustle.

The Sox had their chances to make this an easier win, but the timely hits have all dried up. Even their luck has faded as Ellsbury had a no-doubt triple to the triangle but it bounced over the wall for a ground-rule double. Ellsbury was thrown out at the plate on Pedroia’s single to end the inning.

The Sox everyday lineup now features just one batter hitting over .300 and four regulars under the .250 mark. Also in the “not helping the Sox win games” category is Jason Varitek’s inability to throw anybody out stealing a base. Ernest Borgnine stole third in a simulated game. That’s what I heard, anyway. But Tek still calls a good game…

And the game ended with a not-so-unusual heart-attack save by Papelbon. The Orioles loaded the bases with just one out before Papelbon decided to stop f@%king around and struck out Luke Scott and Melvin Mora to finish it.

This was not the game I hoped for after the crapfest of a road trip. Returning home to face the O’s had all the makings of a Globetrotters-Generals game, but the outcome was in question until the final out. Meanwhile, the Yanks and the Rays keep winning. Time to strap ’em on boys. Bring the wooden bats to the game tonight and get some runs for Lester.