Anyone who thought that one month before the halfway point of the season Timmy Wakefield would be tied for the team league in wins, raise your hands.

::doesn’t raise hand::

So how do we honor this achievement, and celebrate one of the classiest guys ever to wear the uniform? Get his ass to the All-Star Game, that’s how. In my lifetime, nobody–with the possible exception of Roger LaFrancois–has given more of his sweat, blood and tears to help the home team cause.

I was just thinking how we’re gonna miss Wake when he’s gone. And then I remembered: He’s never going to leave. The guy’s a goddam flutterball machine and I have no doubt that he’ll still be spinning batters’ heads like tops when I’m being fed all my meals through a straw. Every time we count him out, he comes back, seemingly stronger than ever. And things like getting left off playoff rosters or strolling off the mound after the Boone home run–stuff that would break a lesser man–only seem to make him stronger.

He’s the man, that Wakefield is. And we’re lucky to have him. I hope Joe Maddon agrees, and has the good sense to give him a spot on the 2009 AL squad.

Lastly, ever wondered what Surviving Grady looked like five years ago this week? Naw, we don’t give a shit, either. But it’s here if you need it.