I sincerely wanted Jon Lester to get the win tonight, after seeing him master the reigning world champs with 11 Ks and just 2 hits across seven innings. But after suffering through thirteen innings, I reached the point where I didn’t give a damn if Creighton Gubanich got the win. I just wanted the Sox to take it and close this madhouse down.

And they finally did, in the bottom of the thirteenth, and Julio Lugo of all people was right in the thick of it, getting a key hit and helping to set up what turned out to be a three-run inning for the Sox.

So what could have been a miserable loss, a squander of Lester’s superb outing, turned into our fourth win in a row. And, as a bonus, beard enthusiasts were treated to the double-fisted fury of Youkbacca’s beard and Eric Bruntlett’s beard. Meanwhile, the Yankees remained two games back after this shit-show in the Bronx. Dropping a routine fly ball and allowing the winning runs to score? Sounds like Luis Castillo may have picked up one of those “special envelopes” from the Steinbrenner boys before the game.

Anyway, I’ll be turning in now so I can prep for my 40-second appearance on The Baseball Show tomorrow morning. Check it out on the Comcast Sports New England channel, and you can hear me attempt to sound intelligent despite having consumed nothing but bacon and Red Bull for the past 48 hours. Should be on sometime around 9:55am-ish, or so they tell me.

UPDATE: Just recorded the segment for The Baseball Show, which should air on the TV version on Comcast SportsNet around 9:55am. I still haven’t mastered the 40-second interview–my mouth moves much, much faster than my mind–but I did get to reference circuses and liver damage and utter the phrase, “there’ll be heck to pay,” so it’s all good. At the end of the segment, which also featured Dan from Red Sox Monster and Jared from SoxSpaceNews, Felger tells us we can all “get back to our moms’ basements.” Sweet!