This one really had it all: a home run by Jay Pale, two triples from Ellsbury, a 3-for-6 showing from the Elf at the top of the line-up, and 5.2 innings of respectable pill tossing from Brad Penny. Hell, we even got to witness a little Jools Tavarez action when the Nationals brought everyone’s favorite noggin-rubber into the game in the seventh. When the dust cleared, the Sox had whipped the Nats, 11-3, to take a commanding five game lead in the AL East. For those of you paying attention, Wang is now 0-6 with an 11.20 ERA for the Yanks. Meanwhile, we’ve got none other than John Smoltz set to debut for us Thursday night, and Clay Buchholz waiting in the wings at Pawtucket. Heh.

The only bummer on the night was the unwelcome sight of uber-boob John Kerry in the NESN broadcast booth. Honestly, NESN folks, if John Kerry has to show up during game time it should only be to ask Dave Roberts what kind of sandwich he wants, and then to fetch it instantly. After all, Mr. Roberts accomplished more for the citizens of Massachusetts in ten seconds than Kerry’s done in 26 years. And that’s the double truth, Ruth.