Back in April, I called for 2009 to be the Season of the Lugo, which made me and Josh B from our comments and possibly Lugo’s mother the only people on the planet convinced that our much-maligned shortstop was due for great things. Or, at the very least, wasn’t going to be a total liability with the glove and/or bat. So I was pretty happy to see the guy belt four hits last night as the Sox rolled to their fifth straight win, and Denton and I set a new record for total number of hookers wedged into his swanky suburban digs. At least the Looger’s taking care of his feet, as today’s Globe informs us:

“Of course, when you get hits, you feel good,” said Lugo, slipping on a pair of $400 Gucci sneakers after the Red Sox’ 11-6 win over the Phillies. “The only way you feel comfortable is by having success.”

Lugo’s big night helped bail out the Sox’ other mystery man, Daisuke Matsuzaka, who continued to pitch like a guy whose family is being held by Rodan on Monster Island. I sometimes get the feeling that The Dice Man wishes he’d never left his homeland and plunked himself into this three-ring circus of a baseball town. And he’s certainly pitching like a guy who’d like to learn more about this exotic land we call “Pawtucket.” With Smoltz raring to go, the Sox brass will have some decisions to make this week.

Commander Kick Ass on the hill this afternoon. Come correct, dress appropriately.