This just never gets old. It doesn’t matter if one team is ripping it up in the division and the other is sucking ass. It doesn’t matter if it’s April, July or October. It doesn’t matter who is pitching, who is hitting, or what park they’re playing in. Every Red Sox – Yankees game has the potential to be an instant classic.

When the two teams are a game apart in the battle for first place, it adds to the drama.

When it is one of thier high-priced mercenary pitchers against our ace, it adds to the drama.

Throw in the back-stories of A-Rod, Teixeira and Big Papi…I think you get the picture.

This series has all the ingredients to be a bloodbath. And we’ll be there with you, beer in one hand, BBQ ribs in the other, the ER on speed-dial and the Maalox on tap.