Just re-watching some of last night’s game on the ol’ DVR and noticing something I hadn’t seen last night. In the eighth, when Okajima plunked Eric Bruntlett, some woman about a row back of home plate stood up and went nuclear on Oki, giving him what for with an exclamation point (as you can see in the screenshot above, upper left).

So it makes me wonder, who is this woman? Just a passionate Phils fan, sticking up for her boys? Bruntlett’s wife or girlfriend, chiding the Sox for messing with her meal ticket? Some crazed human rights advocate who had inadvertently mistaken Oki for Hu Jintao?

Whatever the case, around the thirteenth inning, I was screaming myself. But for entirely different reasons.

Daisuke on the mound tonight, against the unfortunately named Bastardo. If ever we needed Matsuzaka to sound off like he’s got a pair, it’s tonight. Tune in… and find out!