Look, I’ve got nothing to say about last night’s debacle other than I hope the Braves are at least kind enough to give Matsuzaka a lift to Pawtucket on their way out of town. Although Tito would staunchly defend his players even if they were caught at a murder scene with dead nuns all around them and two blood-soaked knives in their hands, I think the Dice Man has reached the stage where he’s in danger of getting shivved by his own teammates.

I’m more excited to turn my attention to today’s game, and the return of Derek Lowe, who is forever burned into my good graces for, first, telling the entire Oakland bench to bite his tweeter and making Miguel Tejada cry after the 2003 ALDS, and, more importantly, for all that 2004 stuff. He was a critical cog in the 2004 Comeback Special, and proudly donned the Red Sox colors for the 2005 ring ceremony, even though he was on the LA payroll at the time.

Look, I’d like to see the offense get back on track and Commander Kick Ass regain the form that had me convinced he was back to his 2007 ways. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there’s a part of me that wants D-Lowe to have a stellar game. So let the Braves’ pen give this one away, Gods of Baseball.

D-Lowe gets the standing O in my house today. Hopefully in yours–and at the Park–too.