To paraphrase the tagline from those old Miller Lite commercials, that was everything you always wanted in a Red Sox game… and less.

Josh Beckett going the distance and reminding us how he earned the title Commander Kick Ass of the F@#k yeah brigade. Old pal Derek Lowe stopping by, getting a rousing ovation from the crowd — as well he should — and probably copping a feel off your mom on his way out the gates. And all of it taking place in less than two hours and ten minutes, leaving plenty of extra time for cheap beer swilling and making fools of ourselves in front of the younger chicks. Not that Denton and I would ever do such a thing. But there was time if we wanted to.

And the news gets even better. Looks like Daisuke Matsuzaka will miss his next start so some “tests” can be taken on his “arm” to see if he’s “torn something.” Yeah, that’s probably what it is. Couldn’t be that the guy’s in a funk ’cause his home and family are on the other side of the world and he’s already nabbed a World Series trophy and some WBC medallions and has seemingly lost all the fire. But I’ll give him the mulligan and consider the first part of his 2009 season to be Batman and Robin. With this much-needed reboot, he should come back as Batman Begins or even, dare we think it, The Dark Knight.