As the theme song to The Facts of Life tells us, you take the good, you take the bad. Yesterday’s loss to the Phillies looked pretty sweet early on, but eventually got so ugly, I almost expected to see a grizzled Walter Matthau sitting in the Sox’ dugout, pulling from a can of Schlitz.

But one truly gorgeous moment came in the top of the sixth when, after giving up four runs the previous inning–two of which might have been avoided had Mikey Lowell gotten his throw to first up a bit–Commander Kick Ass had one of his patented 20-second meltdowns in the Sox dugout, shouting and chucking his glove. Then, a few seconds later, he stepped to the plate and channeled that rage into a home run on the first pitch.

The rest of the game from that point? Total crap. But at least we got another magical Josh Beckett Moment out of the deal.

Two of three from the defending world champs? I’ll take it. And I’ll like it.