After six days without his greasy mug in the line-up, I have to say, I miss just seeing Kevin Youkilis play, let alone the one or two hits he was good for every game. The longer his sit-down continues, the more I fear a trip to the DL is imminent. Both Beardo and Teets insist that’s not gonna happen, but they’re equally mum on any specific return date; might be the Anaheim trip, might not be.

“I don’t think it’s off-base to say that,” Youkilis said. “I haven’t really picked up a bat and swung. I’d love to be able to play Tuesday. I’d love to play (today). I don’t know if that will happen. Who knows?”

The offense, meanwhile, has kept on chugging without him, a point that isn’t lost on the Large Father:

“I’ll tell you what, man. This team already has been unbelievable,” said Ortiz. “We’ve been winning games and we have a couple of guys who have been carrying the team. Youk is one of the best hitters we have right now, and having him out of the lineup right now is a big difference. Were still playing good games and still winning. Jason Bay has done a good job in his spot. Once we have everyone back, it will be back to normal.”

I’ll be out on the west coast for the rest of the week, scouting locations for Red Sox Origins: Butch Huskey. Denton will be minding the store, although I’ll be checking in via the SG Twitter page.

Also, due to popular demand (my Uncle Tiki and Big Little Ronnie), our “Angry Youk” shirt is now available in XXL. So go ahead and order the large cone. We’ve got you covered.