I’m one of the few guys in the world who can’t stand watching The Three Stooges. But I do know this: If I had to watch an episode, I’d pick a Curly over a Shemp. That’s just a given.

Last night’s game? That was a Shemp game. The kind you don’t even want to stick around until the end of, because you know nothing good’s gonna come from it.

If there’s any silver lining to talk about, it’s Lugo, Ellsbury and Bay each having a multi-hit game. Other than that, it was your textbook “bad inning for Wake and lack of timely hitting spells doom” thing.

We come back at ’em this afternoon, with Big Brad Penny on the mound. Let’s win this for America, guys! Don’t let those crafty Canadians have the upper hand.

The Rogers Centre beer guy will be there. Join him, won’t you?