On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with a group of faithful SG readers. It was everything I feared it would be: drunkenness, debauchery, civil disobedience and shenanigans of all sorts. In other words, a good time.

I have been sworn to secrecy against using names or posting pictures, but I can safely say this: you guys and gals know your Red Sox and you know how to party! There was representation from several states and there were fans of all ages in the house. The wardrobes ranged from shorts and cowboy boots to the soon-to-be-trendy “thong over jeans” look. There was a Magnum PI lookalike, a Texas flag, and some brave soul brought their teenage son (good luck footing the therapy bills for that poor kid). And while Curt and Pedro “didn’t play grab-ass,” the SG folks do and I have the bruises to prove it.

There was much speculation about the identity, and even the existence, of Red. Some think I am both Red and Denton, a concept that truly frightened me. Others think Red was actually in attendance disguised as an SG reader as there were more than one redhead present. I cannot confirm or deny any of the theories.

Unfortunately the baseball gods are fickle, and put quite a damper on the night by letting some Punch-and-Judy hitter get the best of Papelbon. After the loss, Mets fans started streaming into the bar, much to the ire of Red Sox fans. That’s when I decided it best to make my exit, slipping unnoticed into the shadows.

Seriously, it was great to finally meet you all. Without you, this place just wouldn’t be the same. Your combination of wit and baseball knowledge keep Red and I on our toes. We thank you for your decision to drop by regularly and hang out with us.

Another event is definitely needed this summer. Maybe we can get Red to reveal himself (you know what I mean)…