Let’s face it, the Red Sox have some problems. The starting pitchers aren’t doing their job, Big Papi can’t scare the ball out of the park, and the Beard of Mayhem is on the bench. The wins aren’t coming as often as we’d like.

One other disturbing trend has been the lack of defense at shortstop. Julio Lugo has started a few big innings over the past week, unfortunately for the other team. Lugo has the range of statue, has trouble with the balls he does get to, and it is apparently against his religion to turn a double play. After being showered with boos yesterday, Lugo explains it all here:

“There’s nothing you can do. They’ve got a right to do it. But also people need to understand we’re not perfect. We’re human beings. That’s why we’re here. If not, I would have wings. I’d be beside God right now. I’d be an angel. But I’m not an angel. I’m a human being that lives right here.”

Now it all makes sense, eh? Nick Green is a human being too, but the Sox are 16-4 when he starts at short (1-5 in Lugo starts). Lugo has been able to escape being saddled with errors as he doesn’t get a glove on a lot of balls that skip by, and a double play can’t be assumed. Regardless, Lugo will sit in favor of Green tonight.

The bats have got to get to Garza after what he did last time. Right?