I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on this post for a while. Part of me was thinking the Captain would slow down his homerun pace. Mostly I was afraid to say it until after the SG get-together in fear of my life. But after Tek’s second two-homerun game of the season, it’s time.

I firmly believe that if Varitek played for another team Red Sox Nation would be all over him as a steroid/HGH user. Granted the “evidence” is all circumstantial, but it’s hard to believe a catcher is hitting his prime at 37.

Varitek had his best season at the plate in 2003 hitting 25 homers and batting in 85 in 142 games. After just 36 games this year, Varitek has 10 homers and 22 runs batted in. The RBI total isn’t too far off the charts but his power surge is…enhanced…over previous seasons. So do the math: 37 years old plus being on pace to beat his career homerun total by 15. What do you get? Not to mention a little rage behind the plate today.

Anyway, Sox win 3-1 behind Beckett and the Captain.

I’ve reached out to Nantucket Nectars to sponsor this post but they’ve only responded with “cease and desist” letters, whatever that means.

I’m on my way to join the witness protection program…