Red and I owe a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone that supported Surviving Grady in the New England Sports Blog Awards.

The Governor of Red Sox Nation himself beat us out for Best Red Sox Blog. At that point, I didn’t hold out much hope for the Best Overall Sports Blog award, and immediately kicked up the drinking to “Joe-Namath-at-the-Superbowl” level. So, when Mikey Adams blurted Surviving Grady out as the winner, nobody was more surprised than I. First round is on Red and I at the get-together next Saturday. If there’s anything left after we pay off the bookies and prostitutes of course.

Much thanks to everyone that made the 1st Annual event a success:

Rafe Anderson and for pulling the whole thing together.

Ace Tickets for sponsoring.

The awesome staff at McGreevey’s for hosting the event.

WEEI’s Mikey Adams for announcing the awards and for being the zany goofball we all thought he was.

The biggest thanks of all goes to you – our faithful readers who really made this possible. As I was cruising into work, Theme From Shaft blasting and the big check still in the back seat of the Civic, I felt like a true badass. Thank you all!