A week and a half ago, the Red Sox were three games out in the AL East and starting a series with the first-place Blue Jays. Three nights later, the Red Sox sent the Jays out of Fenway with their tails between their legs and on their way to a nine-game losing streak. If Jon Lester can’t stay out his patented “one bad inning” today, the Jays will complete the revenge sweep. And the Sox could end up two-and-a-half behind the Yankees and tied for second with the Jays.

The Sox simply can’t find their bats on the road. While they average over six runs per game at Fenway, they barely score four times each game on the road. Four stinkin’ hits were all the Sox could muster Saturday. Even the Beard That Knows No Fear went 0-4 with three strikeouts. David Ortiz dropped another O’fer and now has about six hundred K’s this year.

Not a good way to start the longest road trip of the season. We need Jon Lester V.2008 to step up and cover the scoreboard with zeroes. We need double-digit offense. We need something. This shit’s killing me, and not doing much for Tito either.