Tonight’s a magical night at the Fens. Not because the boys are back home after a most wretched road trip, but because it marks the return of Kevin Millar, El Bencho himself, who’s in tonight’s starting line-up as the Jay’s DH.

I’m an unabashed Millar buff, to the point that I’d even give the guy a pass if he showed up in a Yankees jersey. Granted, I wasn’t so keen on seeing him with a bat in his hand in most do-or-die situations, but the cat brought his game face every time. No one could rally the troops and the fans quite like he did, and his “don’t let us win tonight” speech stands right alongside the Gettysburg Address and that JFK thing in my house. Before there was The Steal there was The Walk, and I thank Mr. Millar for that each and every evening before I settle down with my beers, smoked meats and porno. If the Sox PA guys had a flair for the slightly ridiculous, they’d bust out the Rally Karaoke Guy video for one last hurrah, or at the very least, cue up that scene from Home Alone–where the mom realizes Macaulay Culkin’s not there and screams, “Kevin!”–before every Bencho at-bat.

Why the hell not? Millar’s back in town, baby. Let your hair down.