How good is Jason Bay these days? So good, he’s even upsetting team mascots. And watching that silly ass moose’s head swivel when Bay connected for a two-run home run in his first at-bat last night brought a smile to my face. Because, as a card-carrying asshole, I like it when cartoon animals cry.

I like it even more when the Sox can curb a losing streak, which they did with yesterday’s win in Seattle. And while it was hardly the most exciting 5-3 win you’re gonna see, there were a lot of nice highlights to counterbalance the sad sight of a deflated Papi riding the pine. Like Tek’s fifth home run and Bailey’s second. And Josh Beckett giving us seven innings of sweat and vulgarity to let the bullpen catch some winks. And some deft defensive manuevers from the likes of Elf, Lugo and Scenic Lowell.

Again, not the sort of game that had you cartwheeling down Beacon Street. But a win nonetheless, and they all add up, Monsignor.

Oh, and I have to give props to the Mariners brass for this cool promotion set for July. I’d love to see a similar giveaway by the Red Sox, if for no other reason than to help me find that long-lost anti-smoking commercial with Dan Duquette and Pedro Martinez.