I’ll admit it: When I saw Nick Green and Dustin Pedroia on the verge of collision over a pop fly, miy mind reeled with images of Green going from “everyone’s favorite fill-in shortstop” to “the f@#ker who helped snap Dustin’s achilles tendon.”

Thankfully, both men were fine and Green went on to geet three hits and knock in three runs on a night that was literally packed with good stuff. Like Timmy Wakefield getting his third win of the season, Ramon Ramirez pitching yet another scoreless inning, a big home run from Lowell and hits from practically everyone in the line-up. The flailing Papi, the only O-fer in the line-up, worked a couple walks, so he was able to pitch in, too. Hell, Buck Martinez even started to grow on me, if for no other reason than the fact that his name isn’t “Joe Morgan.”

I’d gladly take a split with a win today, and I’ve got a feeling that Brad Penny and his hefty 8.66 ERA are gonna come up huge against Small Game James this afternoon. Granted, I’ve been drinking since 4:30am. But still.