Great story on “the Little Professor” by Amalie Benjamin today. He looks more like my paperboy in this picture than the guy that holds the longest hitting streak in Red Sox history. The Fenway grounds crew are mowing a giant number “7” into the centerfield grass to honor Dom. Sorry, JD, it’s not a tribute to you and your .250 batting average.

Tonight, the Rays come to town. This team reminds me of the kid that was picked on by all the bullies freshman year, then had a huge growth spurt over the summer and came back with a vengeance the next year. For so many seasons the other AL East teams salivated at upcoming series with the Rays, knowing it was a sure end to a losing streak or an easy way to prolong a winning streak. Not any more.

For the past two seasons the Rays have gotten the better of the Sox. Last year they won the season series 10-8 and more important, they won 4 games in October. This year, the Sox are a meager 2-5 and have looked pretty limp in a few of those losses. I think it’s high time the Red Sox show these guys how they won two rings this decade.

The Longoria home runs, and Carl Crawford running around the bases uncontested like his ass was on fire, well that shit’s gotta stop. And grooving sub-90 MPH fastballs to Pena? Not recommended.

I’m not typically a sports betting kind of guy, but I’m calling for the Sox to “pull a Cleveland” on the Rays tonight: batting around, baserunners galore and double-digit runs. With Penny and his 7+ ERA on the hill, they may need it.