Once in a while, you’re gonna have your shyte games. Last night was a shyte game. So we’ll focus on some of the positive things:

— Remy is on the mend. And our thoughts are with him.

— Eck continues to grow on me in the booth. While on the surface he and DO seem about as oddly matched as Karl Malden and Richard Hatch in the final season of The Streets of San Francisco, it somehow gels. And hearing Eck dropping science like “a cookie down Broadway” and flashing that million dollar ‘stashe makes me feel like I’m picking up a game broadcast from 1975. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

— The Yankees keep on losin’. As AJ Burnett explains, “When it clicks, it will be ridiculous. When it clicks, it will be fun to watch.” He’s assuming it will. And he’s probably right. But… what if it never does?

— Youk claims to have been playing in pain for the last couple weeks. So if a slightly damaged Youk can hit .393, a fully-healthy Youk should hit, what, .524? That sounds about right.

— The Creed reunion tour won’t hit Boston until mid-August. Giving us all plenty of time to pack up our loved ones and some rations and get far, far away.