It won’t get the same fanfare it did went it left Fenway but the Red Sox equipment truck will be saying goodbye to sunny Florida and heading up I-95 today. Was it really only two months ago we celebrated Truck Day? Has this been the longest Spring Training season?

Personally, I’ve been done with it for a while. It’s a nice fix after a long winter void of any baseball, but that’s about it. Spring has sprung, my fantasy draft is complete, let’s play ball. Dustin Pedroia agrees:

“I think everybody’s ready,” agreed Dustin Pedroia. “It’s been a long spring training. We’re ready to go up to New York, play those games and then get the season going. You have a tendency to go through the motions (toward the end). I think everybody’s ready to play meaningful games. It’s about that time.”

For the half-dozen people that give a shit, Sox are down 7-3.