Since the ecstasy of Commander Kick Ass’ opening day performance, the second, third and fourth games of the 2009 season have been as gruesome and meandering as Attack of the Clones. Today, the Nation turns to Brad Penny to stop the freefall and get us back to our winning ways. And who am I to doubt a guy who’s nailed both Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku? Christ, I’m barely worthy to type his name let alone question whether or not he’s up to the task. But he’s already emerged as a fine addition to the clubhouse atmosphere, at least according to one of the guys who knows him best, Takashi Saito:

“But having Brad around, whether it’s in the locker [room] or on the bus, he just creates all those fun little moments, those fun little events that have really helped me get by in my time here.”

Not that Saito was willing to reveal any examples of Penny’s lightheartedness. “I don’t know if they’re fit for print, but he does have a really good, edgy sense of humor,” Saito said.

That being said, I’m alright with last night’s loss, as it seemed a positive bit of mojo for the Angels and Anaheim’s fans after the tragic loss of Nick Adenhart, who was honored in a pre-game ceremony.

They held a moment of silence. Mike Scioscia, leaving the field after it was over, crossed himself.

And Hunter, in the outfield to begin the game, jogged over to the picture of Adenhart posted on the center-field wall and tapped it.

I can’t imagine any Sox fans begrudging the Angels as they celebrated last night’s win; hell, I was happy to see them take it. It was probably the most fitting way to pay tribute to the memory of their teammate. Anaheim owner Arte Moreno put it best: “I don’t know if we can ever turn the page. But tonight we’re playing baseball.”