Rather than dwell on another Sox loss or speculate as to whether or not Jon Lester might be injured (not to mention the fact that Leonard Nimoy, Bryce Florie and Dirk Benedict have been spotted holding impromptu meetings with Red Sox brass over the past week), I wanna talk about something really cool that slipped past my radar while I was busy digging an observation trench in the field behind Tina Cervasio’s house working.

Namely, this:

There is now a Josh Beckett Cancer Treatment Room at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Beckett cut the ribbon in a ceremony Wednesday morning and unveiled a room specially designed with a Red Sox-themed mural that features the Red Sox ace. It was designed and hand-drawn by Sara Morton.

“My general inspiration was to show the energy and strength the Red Sox bring to the game so that that strength and energy can be shared with the children as they endure their treatment,” she said.

Beckett donated $100,000 to the hospital – all raised through his annual “Beckett Bowl” bowling tournament. He’s also pledged to donate $100 to Children’s for each strikeout he has this season.

For me, the kicker comes in this quote:

Beckett said having a room at the hospital in his name is bittersweet. “It’s great,” he added, “I hope it never gets used.”

So do I, Commander. So do I.