My man Matthew just texted me with, “You gotta put on ESPN Classic immediately.” I asked, “What’s on?” He replied, “2004 ALCS Game Four.” And I did what I was told. Because those are the kind of friends you want to have. The people who know you need to get your fix whenever and however you can, and enable said fixing. In this regard, Denton and I like to think of ourselves as your pals as well. And we hope you join us tonight for our first liveblog of the 2009 season. We’ll be kicking it as long as we’re sober.

But that’s not all. Out comments section will also be alive with the sounds of game thread madness. So we’re actually giving you two ways to enjoy yourself with your pants on. Although, what you do in the privacy of your home or cell is your business.

Our Cover It Live-cast will kick off ’round 8-ish. Remember, comments can only be added manually, so we’ll be throwing them in sporadically. But know that we see and appreciate them all. Especially the dirty ones.