I spend a lot of time wondering how I can get a little more Joe Crede in my life. So I’m pretty superf@#king jazzed to know that the Sox and Twins will be playing two games at Friendly Fenway tomorrow to make up for tonight’s rainout. My only gripe about tonight’s lost game is that Dave Roberts was supposed to throw out the first pitch. I hope they plan on springing for the guy’s suite for one more night and bringing him back tomorrow. Because if you promise the Dave, you gotta deliver the Dave. F@#k, as I see it, Roberts shouldn’t have to pay for a goddam suite in this city for the rest of his life. He should simply survey every home in the city limits and when he finds one that suits his fancy, the owner should surrender it unto him for the evening with a wide-ass smile on his face. This Dave F@#king Roberts, man. I say kick Deval Patrick out on his ass and install the Robernator. Who’s done more for this city? Damn stright!