My Dad sat me down when I was about 8 and told me, “Son, there are two things I want you to remember for the rest of your days. First, never trust a woman named ‘Bucky.’ Second, you can never, ever, have too much pitching.”

Turns out that pops knew his shit, and the Sox are reaping the benefits. Case in point: Daisuke Matsuzaka goes down with a bad case of WBC Elbow and we just plug-and-play Justin M, who turned in 5 and 1/3 innings of mojo-saving goodness yesterday, allowing only four hits and one run. Granted, it was against the Orioles, which is kind of like basing one’s ultimate fighting skills on kicking Stephen Hawking’s ass*. But still, it speaks to JM’s versatility and — particularly with Matsuzaka’s and Penny’s early woes — his value to the team in ’09.

As for the “greatest human being ever” reference in the title of this post? Okay, that may be Cocoa Puffs-and-Red Bull-inspired hyperbole. But just look at that goddam picture above. That really says it all. You’ve got tonight’s starter, Timmy Wakefield, the ever-serious elder statesman of the team, who was no doubt in the middle of saying something profound about how his teammates are the ones who deserve all the credit for the team’s success (it’s a screenshot from last year’s post-wild card clinching celebration). And then you’ve got the young guy, the New Guard if you will, with his dudes, just put me anywhere you want me attitude. A moment for the Red Sox timevault if ever one existed.

So we’ve won five in a row. Creeping from the cellar to the second floor in the standings. David Ortiz is showing signs of life. The Mighty Twins are in town tonight. And my minifridge is packed with Bud Light. Barring Penelope Cruz parachuting into my backyard during breakfast, things couldn’t seem any better. At least for now.

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*All in jest, of course. Get well, Mr. Hawking.