Nobody likes to drop two of three in their first series out of the gate, but there are more than a few positives we can take with us out to the left coast:

1) Jason Varitek has two home runs, which, honestly, is two more than I thought he’d have by the All-Star break. I’m hoping the Cap’n would prefer to see his final days in Boston marked by an all-out, Scarface-like blaze of glory, not the messy off-season posturing by his boy Boras. He’s currently on pace for 110 dingers and, dammit, I think he can do it.

2) Josh Beckett is back. And we mean the Josh Beckett we saw in the 2007 post-season. The guy who made Jules Winnfield look about as threatening as Wayne Brady. His inaugural performance of the 2009 season was gold, Jerry, and it’s hopefully the shape of things to come.

3) Youk, he of the .667 batting average, feels good:

“I feel good,” Youkilis said.


4) DeMarlo Hale’s threat to give every fan in the stands a shirtless hug upon the team’s second win will likely occur on the west coast instead of at Fenway. Which is good.

5) Every day, Julio Lugo is one step closer to coming back.