You know that feeling you got when you woke up this morning and realized, just like when you woke up yesterday morning, that today’s opening day? That’s called a bonus, my friends, and we will recognize it by recounting the five greatest Red Sox opening day moments ever. And by “ever”, I means games that happened during my life time and that I happened to be sober for. So there.

5. Dwight Evans’ home run to kick off the 1986 season: After a long winter’s baseball drought–and coming off a fifth place finish in the ’85 East–Dewey said, “F@#k this noise” and busted us out of the gate with a dinger on the first pitch of the game. And to think it was all going to end with Wade Boggs crying in the visitor’s dugout at Shea.

4. Manny’s first Fenway home run: On the first pitch of his first at bat as a member of the Red Sox on Opening Day at Fenway, Manny Ramirez belted a three-run home run to even us up with the Devil Rays, instantly paying dividends on his exorbitant contract. I was there, and to say the place went apeshit is like saying Pete Doherty digs the occasional joint.

3. Mo Vaughn pisses off two hundred fans at the Cask ‘n’ Flagon: The Sox were down, 7-2, in the bottom of the ninth on Fenway opening day 1998. But they rallied for seven runs off the likes of Heathcliff Slocumb, Tony Fossas and Mike Timlin, the lethal blow being Mighty Mo Vaughn’s grand slam to set the house screaming, and teaching everyone who left early for the Cask that you gotta keep the faith.

2. Mariano Rivera tips his hat to the crowd: Admit it, when Mo ambled out to a rousing chorus of cheers during the 2005 Fenway Opening Day ring ceremony — looking about as threatening as Chachi from Happy Days — then smiled and tipped his cap, you couldn’t help but like the guy. Even if it was just for a couple seconds and you felt absolutely filthy about it afterward.

1. This:

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