What a crapfest of a day. Dark, rainy, still no real baseball. Tonight’s spring training game features Dauber in place of Remdawg? Looks like I’ll be passing on that. And the forecast for Opening Day: showers…f%*k that noise.

So today, I bring absolutely nothing to the table.

Any X-Files fans out there? I recently watched the last movie that was released about a year ago. They’ve officially “jumped the shark.” It was entirely lame and uninteresting. And the worst part about it, Scully is not aging well.

This weekend features the NCAA Final Four games to set the table for Monday’s finale. My brackets were busted when Memphis lost…so I couldn’t care less.

Random iPod song: To Dream The Dream by Frankie Miller. This song reached some level of popularity back in the eighties and it took me forever to find it. He has kind of a Bob Seger sound to him. Check it out.

Weather permitting, Red and I will be live-blogging the game on Monday. Hope to see you there.