Mike Lowell was named AL Player of the Week on Monday, and he might owe a piece of that to Jason Bay. Three of Lowell’s six RBI in Saturday’s game were courtesy of his seventh inning home run. That home run came after Jason Bay was intentionally walked. And why not walk Bay? All he had done to that point was go two-for-three with three RBI. All this after his game-tying homer off Mariano Rivera on Friday night – not a bad idea to walk him. But Lowell made Girardi and Mo pay, reminiscent of Dwight Evans after an intentional pass to Jim Rice.

After a leisurely one-for-two with a stolen base on Sunday, Bay brought his “don’t f**k with me” pants to Cleveland. In a scoreless game against closer Kerry Wood in the ninth inning, Bay crushed a three-run bomb to lead the Sox to their 11th straight win. The memory of the guy with the dreds who used to play left field is fading fast, replaced by a guy who looks like he should be helping you with your tax returns.

Tim Wakefield was spectacular once again, tossing seven scoreless innings and dropping his season ERA to a microscopic 1.86.

And to top it all off, no Joe Morgan or Jon Miller or…whoever that third dipstick in the ESPN booth was last night.

Brad Penny tries to make it an even dozen tonight in Cleveland. No reason to think he won’t.