Here at SG, we’re not afraid to rally around the important causes. Like scoring Manny Ramirez’s sweet penthouse atop the Ritz-Carlton on the Common. I’m gonna level with you; I don’t have $8.5 million. In fact, if you lined up every dollar I’ve earned since my first job hustling licorice at Charlie’s Pioneer Foods store in West Roxbury–and, for that matter, tacked on projected earnings for the rest of my wretched existence–you’d barely be able to finance a Camry let alone these digs. But together, gentle readers of this here blog… together, we may be able to pool our assets to make the score. Although our ratings indicate that most of our fans are incarcerated and/or on the lam in Costa Rica, there must surely be some financially secure folks reading these words, who’d like to get in on helping to establish SG HQ–a place where all would be welcome to watch the game, drink ridiculous amounts of booze, and serve up pressed hams for the entire city of Boston. Think of the possibilities, people. When the market recovers, we could flip it for twice what we paid. And there’s always the chance that Manny will forget he no longer lives there, and show up with his crew (Enrique Wilson, etc.) to join in the merriment.

I’ve got the first 35 bucks. Who’s with me?