So U2’s playing their “secret” gig at the Somerville Theatre tonight, and I don’t have tickets, despite the fact that I once helped Bono break a ten for the jukebox at a Medford Papa Ginos. So I’ll be trying to score a ticket to their Gillette Stadium show in September.

I know there were some rumors about the band possibly playing Fenway this year, but it looks like those have been squashed. Although it did get me thinking about the bands I’d like to see play Fenway, which would look something like this:

1. U2

2. Tenacious D

3. Bostonpalooza featuring the Cars, the Pixies, J. Geils band, ‘Til Tuesday, Buffalo Tom and every other famous and semi-famous band from this area (although BT has played Fenway during the HSCM shows. But still, you can never get enough.) All proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund. All acts introduced by a shirtless Terry Francona.

4. Squeeze and Weezer (This is, for some reason, the double bill of my dreams. A pipe dream, to be sure. But still.)

5. The Red Sox Bullpen Band with Guest MC Kevin Millar. I wouldn’t sell tickets for this, but I suspect the beer sales alone would position the Sox favorably for going after the big ticket free agents in 2010.

Yours go in the comments.

BTW, on the subject of music, the other day I’m in a meeting and someone’s going on and on about how amazing it is that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was shot in one, unedited cut. So I had to school her. Look, that clip’s been edited, despite that heaving, gotta-get-some-air-back-in-my-lungs emoting by Beyonce in the final frame. Now if you want to see an example of an honest-to-joe, unedited, done-in-one-take music video, I give you Tommy Shaw’s immaculate “Girls With Guns” from, oh, 1934. I’m impressed with how the drummer went a whole 3 minutes without grabbing a turkey sub.