The Sox’ offseason signing of Rocco Baldelli gives us more than another “good clubhouse chemistry guy” and local-boy-comes-home story. Rocco apparently brings some bass guitar skills that will no doubt provide a solid backbone for the bullpen band and make him a fixture of future Hot Stove Cool Music shows:

Baldelli has seemed progressively more at home in the clubhouse as spring training has worn on. Initially, he often ate with some of the younger players, or the minor-league prospects, serving as a mentor to them. He forged a friendship with another young player tagged as the next real deal — Double-A prospect Lars Anderson. The two bonded over an interest in music: Baldelli plays bass, Anderson plays guitar.

A cursory Google scan brings up some small bits of video proof of Baldelli’s skills (at least we think it’s him in at least one of these… we drink a lot over here at SG HQ). Although I’m not one to judge–I can barely drag my white ass past “Heartbreaker” on Guitar Hero: World Tour.