You’ve probably figured out by now that every month or so I come up with a reason to post a picture of Alyssa Milano or Jennifer Love-Hewitt. You’ve also probably figured out the real reason I post the pictures is because I happen to think they’re hot.

Today is different. While Alyssa Milano has spent a good part of her life watching baseball, and a better part bedding some of the game’s stars, that’s not why she’s featured here today. She’s gone and written a book: Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. Granted, the chances of me actually reading this book are no better than my chances of winning a Pulitzer Prize or sobering up for more than two consecutive days, but it serves my purpose to get a shot of Alyssa looking fine and wearing Red Sox gear. In my world, that skirt and top end up in a crumpled heap next to my bed while Alyssa reads the book aloud to me right after I’m “safe at home.”

Oh yeah, 11 more days until we kick off the 2009 season. Amen.