The Dodgers introduced the freshly-signed Manny to the world this afternoon. While Manny didn’t expound on his views on world politics or break down the theory of evolution, he did manage to throw a little hate at Red Sox Nation.

I’m in a happy place where I wanted to be. Actually, I won. I won getting out there because I’m in a great place. I’m in a place that I’m going to play, I’m going to be happy. My teammates, they love me. The fans love me, the way I play. Hey, sometimes it’s better off to have a two-year deal in a place that you’re going to be happy than have an eight-year deal in a place where you’re going to suffer.

Suffer? I should be suffering so much. 160 million bucks, two World Series Championships and the adoration of millions of people. Man, that must suck. I’d love him in our line-up though…and he still makes me laugh.

I’ve got to get my Gold Glove ready, I’m pretty sure you know that. I’ve got to save my cannon for the season.