Josh Beckett: Still a monster. And extra good at striking out college players.

Even though Brian Daubach filled in quite nicely for the ailing Remdawg, it only confirmed that a Remy-Free world is no place I wanna be.

In fact, in a perfect world, Rem and DO would be doing commentary for every game ever played, while Buck and McCarver would be struggling to hold down a gig building sheds at The Home Depot.

Tim Wakefield allowed three runs, five hits and seven baserunners in two innings against the Twins. But as we all know, how Tim Wakefield pitches one day has no bearing whatsoever on how he’ll pitch the next day. Come to think of it, the same rule applies for innings where Timmeh’s concerned.

The “Youk-Fu”, as the Crazed Hillbilly himself dubbed it, deserves to stick around at least until the All-Star break. Perhaps longer if it can play short.