During a spring training game some Saturday afternoon in 2005, I got a call from my dad, who sounded like he’d been huffing motor oil.

“Remy just said something about Surviving Grady,” he wheezed.


“During the game. I was in the other room, but I heard him say ‘Surviving Grady.'”

I’m embarassed to admit I thought the old man was hearing things. Or, perhaps, had sucked down one too many iced teas. I flipped on the game and watched the remaining innings, but heard nothing.

But later, checking the game comments thread–which should be required reading for anyone, to be honest–I saw mention of it. And a few e-mails from fans and relatives confirmed it as well: Denton had apparently stormed the NESN booth and pimped Surviving Grady: The Book (which, even I must admit, is way cooler than Surviving Grady: The Frisbee and Surviving Grady: The Effeminate Vampire, both of which were briefly considered before we decided to do a book).

Later that day, I downloaded the game off mlb.com. And I’m proud to once again present this magic moment, in which Denton–looking rather spiffy in his cabana wear–met DO, and the great Remy actually uttered the name of our silly-ass website.

I can die now, folks. Me and John Locke both.