With all the stuff we’ve seen Jon Lester accomplish, it’s sometimes hard to remember he’s only 25 years old. Christ, when I was 25 years old I’d barely seen a woman naked or achieved anything that one might consider noteworthy. Meanwhile, Lester’s earned a no-hitter, a World Series ring and the unabashed love of all of Red Sox Nation. It’s something that’s not lost on his manager, as Teets himself considers Lester a “veteran” of sorts.

“That’s how we feel about him. I think he’s earned that. He followed Beckett around for a couple of years, and a lot of it really sunk in. You have to have a ton of talent to be the kind of pitcher Lester is. But it’s one thing to be good, but it’s another thing to lead by example. And I’m really proud of Lester for that.”

And to think the guy’s best years are likely still to come. Man, this season just can’t get here fast enough.